About the owner

Maria is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur from a suburb outside of Cleveland, OH.

She began journaling a decade ago to practice intentionality while struggling with mental health. She wrote positive thoughts and intentions as a way to speak kindly to herself instead of listen to the negative voice in her head. She wrote small things she was thankful for from a morning cup of coffee to the joy of watching her pup run around with the zoomies. She prioritized eating wholesome, delicious meals each day and moving her body as a way to relieve stress and feel good. 

With help from graphic artist Emily Frazier, Maria took her simple, daily practice and turned it into a guided wellness journal with quotes. She didn't know a single thing about how to run or grow a business, but she knew this mission would help others prioritize intentionality and self-care each day.

With customers and community members from across the nation, 3 journal collections, sold-out workshops, and an expanded product line, Maria has successfully grown One Ray into a personal growth brand that offers products and events for people to learn simple ways to live more intentionally to slow down, practice self-care, and take small steps to grow into the best version of themselves.

Maria is also a professional public speaker and writer. She's spoken on stages across the country as well as was featured on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland on topics such as wellness, goal-setting, burn out, self-care, and entrepreneurship. If you're interested in collaborating for a speaking opportunity, please drop your inquiry below!