Youngstown Middle School Data Planners

Youngstown Middle School Data Planners

"Working with Maria to create custom data planners for our middle school has been an absolute delight. She demonstrated an understanding of our students' needs, resulting in a thoughtfully designed tool that seamlessly integrates social-emotional learning.

The collaboration process was not only efficient but also enjoyable, thanks to Maria's responsiveness, flexibility, and passion for education. Our students met the data planners with enthusiasm, finding them invaluable for accountability, academic improvement, and fostering a positive school community.

I wholeheartedly recommend One Ray to anyone seeking to enhance their educational tools. The custom journals have become an integral part of our middle school experience, contributing to positive behavioral changes and academic growth. It's been a pleasure working with someone dedicated to making a lasting impact on students' lives."

-Moe Donofrio, Principal of Rayen Early College Middle School

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