Personal Trainer Stefanie Marie Fit

Personal Trainer Stefanie Marie Fit

I can't say enough about the incredible value of the custom journals Maria is able to provide. Being a full-time personal trainer here in Cleveland, creating these journals for my clients has truly revolutionized the way I can approach someone’s journey with me in the gym.

I had the idea to make my own workout tracking journals, but Maria was the catalyst to bring that idea to life. We had a meeting where I was able to tell her exactly what I was looking for to make this personal to my brand and my clients. She was extremely helpful, kind & organized throughout the whole process
The quality of the journals and the attention to detail are 10/10. I feel proud to offer them to my community.

I wholeheartedly recommend the custom journals to any other small business owner out there looking to make a product that is personal to their vision while staying true to their brand identity.

-Stefanie Tsengas, Certified Personal Trainer


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